FlynnGate : How an Islamist Organization Set Up a Top Member of the Trump Administration With The Complicity of a Venal Press and Corrupt Politicians.

Part 1 of 3: The set-up

by Saul Montes-Bradley

Fri, July 12, 2019

The Beginning

This story starts, as so many others, with Obama lying through his teeth, and goes on to his criminal administration’s targeting of an American hero in a caper that, as we speak, still goes on.

It started on July 15, 2016 at the Act! Meeting. In the first part of this video you can see Obama lying about himself, Radical Islamic terrorism and then candidate Donald Trump. On minute 10:30, General Flynn walks into the stage and by minute 13:30 he expresses his opinion on Obama's friend, Tagypp Erdogan, and the military coup then taking place in Turkey.

What General Flynn states is as absolutely true today as it was the day he stated it: Turkey is a NATO ally that until very recently was seeking entry into the European Union. Under Kemal Atatürk it was established as a secular state with a strict separation between church and state and under its Constitution it was the military's responsibility to ensure the protection of that secular state. Erdogan’s Welfare Party has been at pains to destroy that secular nature of Turkey since its irruption in the Turkish political scene in the 90's in association with that other Islamist, friend of the Clintons and head of the Hizmit Movement, Fetullah Gülen.

Listen to General Flynn. He is no friend of political Islamism, and he states so with unusual candor. He was not happy with the Obama administration’s coziness with the Turkish radical Islamists, and states so with equal candor. That did not endeared him to Obama or his minions.

Keep that in mind, for this is ground zero of a scandal still unfolding before our eyes.

On September 15, 2016, General Flynn's consulting firm, The Flynn Intel Group (FIG), filed a Lobbying Registration under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995. Notice that the firm was already registered, and this filing was merely to add a new client, Inovo AB, of the Netherlands. Note the date.

On November 8, 2016, General Flynn penned an opinion piece in The Hill: "Our ally Turkey is in crisis and needs our support."

Everything the General states in it is true, and consistent with his views before and after any work his firm may have done on behalf of Inovo AB.

Yes, Turkey is our ally in NATO, whether Erdogan and his minions like it or not. Yes, our ally is in trouble, in the grasp of an Islamist movement that aims to throw it back to the Middle Ages, and yes, Fettulah Gülen is both a friend of the Clintons, to whom he owes his fraudulently obtained residence, and "Gülen portrays himself as a moderate, but he is in fact a radical Islamist."

We will see, throughout the coverage of this sordid affair, a conscious effort to conflate Erdogan and Turkey, and to suggest that stating that Turkey is an ally is somehow an expression of support for Erdogan. It is a gross fallacy. Mr. Erdogan is not Turkey, much as personality cultists would like it to be. He is a corrupt Islamist who leads a movement that aims at "fundamentally transforming" Turkey into a collectivist theocracy. And Gülen's Islamist movement, Hizmet, has been instrumental in Erdogan's ability to get this far.

Turkey is much more than that, however, and it will survive their efforts. Insofar as the country remains a member of NATO we can state, apodictically, that Turkey, the country, is an ally of the US in that transatlantic alliance regardless of who happens to occupy the presidency. And it is an ally in trouble, insofar as the efforts of the Islamists in power to turn that secular state into a theocratic satrapy allied to the enemies of civilization continue to erode its nature and threaten that alliance.

Four days later, on November 12, 2016, the reply came from Gülen's Islamists in Turkish Minute: "Trump’s top military aide lobbies for Dutch company linked to Turkey’s Erdoğan."

This is important. Turkish Minute is an online publication produced exclusively by Yavuz Altun, an old hand of Gülen's in ZAMAN, the Gulenist daily rag, and since 2015 the editor of "Püff" the satirical Islamist magazine born as a supplement of Zaman, a platform for anti-American and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

Turkish Minute's hit piece is the first to describe Inovo as a Turkish government entity linked to Erdogan. As we shall see, a flasehood that the American press and, worse, the Independent Counsel were too lazy or too corrupt to vet, and totally debunked by Judge Anhony J. Trenga on July 9, 2019, as it precluded any mention of it in a trial associated with FIG: "it is further ORDERED that Defendant Bijan Rafiekian's Motion In Limine to Preclude the Government from Arguing that Turkey Funded FIG's Work for Inovo AG be, and the same hereby is GRANTED…"

Lo and behold, despite the patent falsehood of the allegations, almost immediately, on November 14, Politico picked up the Gulenists' canard: "Trump adviser linked to Turkish lobbying. A company tied to Erdogan's government hired retired general Michael Flynn's lobbying firm," by Isaac Arnsdorf.

And two days later, on November 16, that paragon of independent Journalism, The Daily Caller, followed suit: "Trump Adviser Recently Met With Relative Of Turkey’s President," by Chuck Ross, followed on November 17 by The Intercept: "Turkish Client Paid Trump Adviser Michael Flynn’s Company “Tens of Thousands” of Dollars for Lobbying," by Mattathias Schwartz.

These plants in partisan press outfits were deemed sufficient grounds for a letter from the ineffable Elijah Cummings, on November 18, "requesting documentation": "House Committee on Oversight and Reform Cummings Requests Documents Relating to Michael Flynn’s Apparent Conflicts of Interest." Notice the rather sophomoric innuendo technique: "Recent news reports have revealed that Lt. Gen. Flynn was receiving classified briefings during the presidential campaign while his consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, Inc., was being paid to lobby the U.S. Government on behalf of a foreign government’s interests…," "Flynn Intel Group apparently was hired…," and so on. If there is any "collusion" here, is that of Rep. Cummings colluding with a known Islamist organization to slander a top American official and, through him, the Trump administration. 

Be that as it may, this was the signal for large media corporations to pick up the canard.

The first one to bite was, not surprisingly, NBC: "Ret. Lt. Michael Flynn: Outspoken General, Intelligence Pro, Trump Supporter," by Robert Burns, followed by a slew of blogs, partisan rags and more "mainstream" media:

The Onslaught.

Last, but not least, 11/21/16 - Huff & Puff: "Trump’s National Security Adviser Changed His Mind About Turkey Coup Attempt After His Firm Got Involved," By Jessica Schulberg.

Ms. Schulberg, either the most ignorant scribe in a profession riddled by ignoramuses, a functionally illiterate nincompoop or, more likely, a willing participant in a shameless campaign to discredit Trump's nominee to head the NSC, carps: "Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said in July that the military’s attempt to overthrow the government was “worth clapping for.” Now he calls Turkey an ally." In point of fact, Turkey is, as stated above, an valuable NATO ally of the US; the Turkish Army's declared objective of performing its Constitutional duty to act as guarantors of the secular Turkish state was, indeed, "to be clapped;" and despite the whinings of the American left, Erdogan and his Islamist minions are NOT Turkey. The fallacies in this article are the same that were later picked up by the Special Counsel.

As if on cue, the barrage ended as suddenly as it had begun. As if whoever was pushing the narrative had decided it was time for a pause, and the news disappeared from the American press as the FBI began its "investigation" into General Flynn based on the patently false narrative concocted by an Islamist publication controlled by Fetullah Gülen and given legitimacy by Rep. Cummings.

It was February 2017, before any mention was made again. This time by the hand of the Washington Post (2/14/17) as part of the "timeline" leading to the General's resignation: "The fall of Michael Flynn: A timeline," by Philip Bump.

On March 7, 2017, following pressure by DoJ officials, a new NARA registration took place, "Flynn Intel Group FARA Registration."  It contained a disclaimer that, as far as FIG knew, "Inovo is a privately owned company that has not received, directly or indirectly, funds or financial support from any government during the course of its engagement of Flynn Intel Group Inc., including the Republic of Turkey." Yet, the following day, the Associated Press quickly went on the spin: "A lawyer for the former U.S. Army lieutenant general and intelligence chief said in paperwork filed Tuesday with the Justice Department's Foreign Agent Registration Unit that Flynn was voluntarily registering for lobbying that "could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey." The headline read: "Former Trump aide Flynn says lobbying may have helped Turkey."

USA Today got in the act: "Turkish client paid $530,000 to Michael Flynn's consulting firm," by Fredreka Schouten. Inovo AG, I must remind you, was a Dutch, not a Turkish client, however accurate the amount may or may not be. But we are not going to allow facts to interfere in the narrative, are we?

The floodgates open again.

Daily Caller (3/11/17): "As Foreign Agent For Turkey, Flynn Agreed To Form Elite Investigation Team, Make ‘Criminal Referrals’," by Chuck Ross. Read that again. Chuck Ross is a master bullshitter: "As Foreign Agent For Turkey." General Flynn was NEVER a "foreign agent for Turkey." He was the principal in a firm that acted as agent for a Dutch private company owned, in part, by a Turkish citizen who was "Honorary Consul to the Republic of Albania, and Chairman of the Turkish-American Business Council. Mr. Alptekin and any organization in which he participates are not agents of the government of the Republic of Turkey."

That did not stop the inkshitters, after all, they were providing a public rationale for leftovers in the DoJ to threaten General Flynn with an indictment if he did not play ball, a role later transferred to the Special Counsel:

The New Yorker (3/17/17): "What Mike Flynn Did for Turkey," by Nicholas Schmidle.

Wall Street Journal (3/24/17): "Ex-CIA Director: Mike Flynn and Turkish Officials Discussed Removal of Erdogan Foe From U.S.," by James V. Grimaldi, Dion Nissenbaum and Margaret Coker. This piece adds a twist to the Gulenists' canard: Now, the General was planning a "removal," soon to become "illegal extradition" and eventually "kidnapping" in the febrile mind of the spin meisters of America's lugenpresse.

Then, just as suddenly as before, silence.

The canard was placed safely in the American consciousness, and it was time to let the Special Counsel do its job.

Let's recap.

Turkish Minute, an online portal allegedly published by anonymous "turkish journalists in exile," but actually the child of Yavuz Altun, publishes an article smearing General Flynn and fabricating what we may rightfully call "The Turkish Canard," suggesting some laughable connection between the general and Erdogan's administration. Turkish Minute was launched in Paris on November 6, 2015. At that time, Yavus Altun was editor of Püff, launched in Istanbul in January of 2015 as a satirical supplement to Zaman the newspaper of the Islamist Hizmet Movement led by Fetullah Gülen. Once supportive of Erdogan, the paper was seized by the Turkish government in March 2016 as part of the crackdown that followed the falling out of favor of Hizmet and Gülen. The Paris based online version of Gülen's movement, Turkish Minute escaped Erdogan's crackdown and continued as the propaganda arm of the Hizmet Movement, as it does to this day.

After a few additional articles, all referring to the first ones by Yavus Altun and Chuck Ross in Politico, The Daily Caller and The Intercept, Rep. Elijah Cummings sent a letter to VP-elect Pence requesting information: "President-elect Trump promised during his campaign that he would ‘drain the swamp,’ but his top national security advisor is Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, whose firm is reportedly being paid to lobby the U.S. Government by a close ally of Turkey’s president. It is unclear how Lt. Gen. Flynn was reportedly allowed into intelligence briefings during the campaign despite these apparent conflicts of interest.

The letter makes specific reference to Isikoff's piece in Yahoo, a sequence reminiscent of the "Steele Dossier" double play, in with Isikoff's publication of the "Dossier" leaked to him was then used as supporting evidence for the "Dossier" itself before FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) in order to justify spying on the Trump campaign just a few months earlier. Isikoff writes: "A Trump transition spokesman did not respond to questions about whether Flynn had made such disclosures. But Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said the terms of the memorandum raise questions about whether Flynn is even eligible to continue to receive national security briefings at this point."

In other words: Cummings fed information concocted by Yavus Altun and parroted by Chuck Ross to Isikoff, who was then used as a source by Cummings, whose letter then brought the news to NBC, The New York Times and PBS' News Hour and, through syndication, across the planet, which in turn became an argument in the hands of the Special Counsel.

And that’s how you set-up a target and get him ready to be abused by a combination of prosecutorial misconduct, abuse of power and exploitation of ignorance.

We’ll see that in Part II: The Abuse.

About the author

Saul M. Montes-Bradley II is a Senior Fellow at the Gold Institute For International Strategy.

Once a Consultant to the Administrator of the UNDP, Saul M. Montes-Bradley II left the UN for Arrow Air and went on to become General Manager for AER Airlines and eventually Director and General Manager of Aeroposta Airlines, the first privately owned major carrier in Argentina since the 1950s. Back in the US, he then spent 17 years in Wall Street and is now a genealogist and researcher living with his family in Virginia.

For nearly thirty years, he has wondered if there would ever be a serious investigation of the disaster at Gander, only to see how the willful blindness that marred the initial investigation continues to guide a misguided policy that has only enabled and strengthened Islamic National Socialist movements in the Middle East and around the world.

Follow him on Quod at @Debradelai.



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