Man in the Middle : The Importance of George Papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos is the nexus of two astonishing Obama scandals : SpyGate, the illegal scheme to rig the 2016 election and attempted coup of POTUS Donald J Trump - and ObamaGate, Obama’s ideological weaponization of his administration, between 2008-2017. They are without any doubt the worst scandals in American history. As REX explains, Papadopoulos and both scandals fuse in the natural gas pipeline wars, of the Middle East.

by Rex

Thu, June 20, 2019

On May 8, George Papadopoulos tweeted the following:

‘Clapper is an imbecile. Not only did he outsource spying on me to the Italians/UK/Australia, and involved the CIA, he admits on CNN that it was normal. The most disturbing part of this is that I was being spied upon for ties to an American ALLY, Israel.’

Many still don’t understand the importance of George Papadopoulos, in the greatest scandal in American history.

First, his role across two GOP campaigns (Ben Carson and Donald Trump) extends what we know as ‘SpyGate’, the 2015-2017 illegal spying by Obama’s goons during the 2016 GOP primaries and eventual Presidential campaign of Donald J Trump. It's likely that the Carson campaign was also being spied on, through Papadopoulos. And if Carson was being spied on, it raises the question : how many other GOP candidates were being illegally surveilled?

Second, Papadopoulos links ‘SpyGate’ to ‘ObamaGate’, a far greater scandal - Obama’s organization of the American state as an ideological weapon, including the illegal targeting and surveillance of many innocent American citizens, between at least 2010-2017. This is because Papadopoulos was working on a project Obama opposed - an Israeli-led proposal to create a natural gas pipeline, from Israel’s reserves to Europe.

A project that was in direct competition with two other natural gas pipeline projects. One was being led by Russia. And the other, which Obama supported, was

being led by who again?

Ah, yes. The mullahs in Iran.

Papadopoulos gives SpyGate an international dimension. But as you will discover, it also reveals Obama scheming against one of America’s strongest allies, Israel, to help one of America’s greatest enemies - Iran. And illegally spying on innocent American citizens, to do it.

Do you see important of Papadopoulos now? He connects SpyGate with ObamaGate.

Read on.

Enter The Pipeline Wars

A reminder : in early 2016, three Middle Eastern nations were planning to pipe their natural gas to the lucrative EU market : Iran, Israel and Russia.

Iran was proposing a pipeline from its South Pars gas field to Europe via Turkey, Greece and Italy. Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, supported the Iranian proposal.

Israel’s proposal was the EastMed pipeline, running from off-shore reserves in the Levantine Basin to Europe, via Greek Cyprus, Greece and Italy. This was the pipeline that Papadopoulos was promoting prior to and after joining the Presidential campaign team of Donald J Trump.

Russia, already the major natural gas exporter to Europe, was planning an extension of the TurkStream pipeline. It had already signed a contract with Turkey in December 2014, to supply Russian natural gas into Turkey. The proposed extension would pipe Russian natural gas to Europe through Turkey, by connecting the TurkStream to three other pipeline networks - Tesla (Turkey, Greece, Austria), Eastring (Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia) and ‘The Interconnector’ (Turkey, Greece, Italy).

Backing Iran suited the Clintons. Their Ukrainian business partner and Clinton Foundation board member, the Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk, had extensive business interests with Iran, circumventing US sanctions. Pinchuk’s company, Interpipe, was a major supplier to Iran’s energy sector, including their natural gas infrastructure. The Clintons are master criminals, but their motivation has always been greed - to increase their wealth.

In my opinion, it is Obama’s relationship with and support of the mullahs, that is more disturbing. And revealing. Let's explore it in more detail.

Obama & The Mullahs

For Obama, supporting the mullahs was consistent with the his foreign policy objective of creating a middle-Eastern Shia wedge against Israel and Sunni Saudi Arabia. The Israel and Saudi governments could see what was happening and from 2010, had been developing a secret military alliance, to counter the growing US/Iran alliance in the region.

At the heart of their concern was Obama’s Iran Deal, signed on July 14, 2015.

The 2015 ‘Iran Deal’ is the worst deal ever made by an American administration. On paper, Obama argued that he was solving 'Iran’s nuclear threat’ as justification for the deal.

However, be in no doubt. This was intended as a fundamental re-alignment of American alliances.

Incredibly, Obama was committed to providing a pathway for the mullahs, long regarded as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and one of America’s greatest enemies, to become a regional superpower.

In January 2016, Obama signed an EO to lift sanctions on Iran, without Congressional approval or oversight. In 2018, it was revealed that he Obama administration secretly sought to give Iran access to the U.S. financial system, by sidestepping sanctions. The administration did this despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public, it had no plans to do so.

We now also know that Obama had been permitting Hezbollah to engage in criminality on American soil, not to mention obstructing FBI investigations into Hezbollah’s activity (Project Cassandra). And that Obama also provided the mullahs with $1.7 billion cash in foreign currencies in January 2016, delivered in pallets on an unmarked aeroplane from Europe. $400 million was supplied as ransom for the release of four prisoners and then a further two payments, totalling $1.3 billion. Obama lied about both, before the payments were revealed in September, 2016.

Obama was desperate to help the mullahs, in every way. This included spying, as well as using the NSA to eavesdrop. From 2010, Obama was illegally spying on members of Congress, as well as foreign diplomats opposed to the deal. Obama also used the NSA to cast a wide net of surveillance around American lawmakers who were friendly towards Israel, as well as Jewish-American groups.

It’s also interesting to note the stance of the GOP to the Iran Deal, at the time. Prominent Senators such as Bob Corker, Marco Rubio and John McCain were publicly opposed to Obama’s Iran Deal, their actions tell a different story. There is very good evidence that Corker, in his capacity as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, worked with Nancy Pelosi to assist Obama evade the need for Senate “ratification” of the Iran Deal, by overturning the constitutional requirement that two-thirds of the Senate must approve it.

Obama got his way. On July 14, 2015, the Iran Deal was signed.

From that date, Obama used the office and power of the American Presidency, to do the mullah’s bidding. Of course, this included paving the way for a lucrative natural gas pipeline through Turkey, to Europe.

The mullahs wanted that natural gas pipeline to pump their natural gas to Europe, which would have made them a fortune. Obama’s actions reveal that he was going to remove every obstacle in the mullah’s way.

Of course, this included targeting domestic opponents to the mullah’s project, such as Papadopoulos himself, as well as the pro-Israel Trump campaign. But it also may have involved removing international players who got in the way.

Which brings us to Turkey’s President Erdogan.

Russia v Iran : Enter Erdogan

By 2016, Obama and the Clintons would have been confident that the Israeli pipeline was dead in the water.

The race was between Russia and Iran. But it was Turkey’s President Erdogan who had ultimate leverage. This was because both projects would run their pipelines through Turkey.

The Syrian civil war was raging and ISIS was increasing in power. Obama had done nothing to prevent President Bashar Al-Assad’s barbaric massacre of his own citizens, as Iran was Syria’s patron in the region. Obama also did nothing to prevent the rise of ISIS. In fact, by his premature withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and dithering as ISIS power increased, Obama became one of the architects of their success.

Interestingly, this suited all the main players in the natural gas wars. The chaos in Iraq and Syria ensured that no natural gas pipeline could run through the two nations. The only available route was through Turkey.

It was Russia v Iran. And President Erdogan would have the final say.

Obama had a major problem : Erdogan was favoring the Russian proposal.

This makes sense. As mentioned above, in December 2014, Turkey had already started negotiations with Vladimir Putin to transport Russian natural gas to Europe through Turkey, using the TurkStream. As Russia was (is) Europe’s major supplier by far, this would have been a far more lucrative business arrangement for Erdogan, than the Iranian proposal.

Politically, it would also permit him to enhance Turkey’s leverage with all geo-political players. While relations between Russian and Turkey had been strained, full relations were restored in June 2016. Putin had leverage over Erdogan at the time - Turkey imported 60% of its entire nature gas supply from Russia.

By late June 2016, everyone knew that Putin was going to get his way. Erdogan was going to favor the Russian pipeline project, over the Iranian one.

President Erdogan had become a major problem for Obama and the mullahs.

Obama’s relationship with Erdogan is best understood by reference to the Iran Deal. For example, in January 2012, Obama included Erdogan as one of his international BFFs, along with Germany’s Angela Merkel and the UK’s David Cameron. However, after Erdogan signed with Putin in December 2014, the tone changed. All of a sudden, Erdogan was being pushed by Obama’s lugenpresse as an autocratic thug.

The Clintons, in particular, despised Erdogan. POTUS Bill Clintons had provided refuge in the United States to Erdogan’s main political rival, Muhammed Fethullah Gülen, for decades. Gulen was also a major donor to their political campaigns, as well as the Clinton Foundation. POTUS Obama was also a supporter.

The GOP establishment - in particular, John McCain - had no time for Erdogan, either. They wouldn't have been sorry to see him go.

Who else was opposed to Erdogan, at the time? Iran's mullahs. Erdogan, a Sunni muslim, opposed the Shia mullahs on ideological and religious grounds in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. Erdogan opposed Iran's nuclear weapon aspirations and his pro-NATO stance, as well as his agreement to permit American military forces and weapons on Turkish soil, angered the mullahs.

In this context, Obama, the Clintons and the GOP were aligned - an Iran pipeline suited their interests better, than any alternative.

They also had motive - with Iran's mullahs - to remove President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from power.

Which takes us to 15 July, 2016.

What happened on that day?

A coup attempt against Erdogan’s government took place.

The Turkey Coup : Another Obama/Brennan Disaster?

The coup took everyone by surprise.

On 15 July, 2016 Turkish military defectors, aligned with the US-based Fethullah Gulen, rose up in Istanbul and Ankara, as well as other Turkish towns. It was combined with pre-planned civilian protests.

After the initial shock, however, it became clear that the planners had badly miscalculated their support. Within six hours, it was over.

Many nations had condemned the coup within the first two hours. However, The White House was silent. When it was clear that the coup was a dismal failure, Obama finally came out in support of Turkey’s ‘democratically elected leader’.

The United States was one of the last nations to come out in support of the Turkish government.

The coup was put down easily by Erdogan’s forces. And when the dust settled, Erdogan dropped a bombshell - he accused the United States of engineering the coup, with Gulen himself. Erdogan sent evidence to Obama, that he claimed proved it.

Erdogan then demanded Gulen’s extradition.

Obama denied the allegation. He argued the evidence Turkey had sent over - which no one has ever seen - had nothing to do with the coup and that Gulen would not be extradited. Despite him not being an American citizen, Obama claimed Gulen’s ‘due process rights’ must be respected.

President Erdogan was furious. He ordered his military forces to surround and blockade the critical US air force and military base at Incirlik, used by the US to store tactical nuclear weapons. Turkish authorities then cut off electricity to Incirlik, after it emerged that the base’s commander was linked to the coup plotters.

As Obama dithered, the situation deteriorated fast. By 20 July 2016, over 45,000 military officials, police officers, judges, governors and civil servants were arrested or suspended by the Erdogan regime, including 2,700 judges, 15,000 teachers, and every university dean in the country.

This included many military officers, who were vital to US counter-terrorism efforts in the Middle East. The situation was so alarming that General Joseph Votel, then commander of US CentCom, publicly worried about the impact on US counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism efforts.

And then something very strange happened. All of a sudden, the Obama administration went into overdrive, supporting Erdogan at every turn. ‘Erdogan the autocrat’ became ‘Erdogan the legitimate Turkish leader.’ Obama’s lugenpresse started pushing the new narrative. In late August, VPOTUS Biden visited Ankara and apologized for taking so long to make a solidarity visit.

On September 4, 2016 at the G20 in China, Obama gave a nauseating speech praising Erdogan and portraying him as a humanitarian leader.

You get the picture.

To me, Obama’s actions came across as those of a man desperate to get a furious Erdogan, back on side. And to save the mullah’s natural gas pipeline.

It didn’t work.

Erdogan signed his natural gas pipeline deal with Putin on October 10, 2016. And has accused the United States - in particular Obama and the CIA, of being behind the coup, ever since.

Few people are aware of this, but in April, 2017, Turkish prosecutors opened an investigation into seventeen people, accusing them of fomenting the failed coup. Among them were some familiar American names : John Brennan, then Director of the CIA, Senator Chuck Schumer, Preet Bharara, the former United States attorney for the Southern District of New York; and David Cohen, who at the time of the coup was Brennan’s CIA deputy director.

The prosecution is ongoing.

In 2016, many scoffed at Erdogan’s suggestion that America would ever involve itself in a coup against a NATO ally’s government. And perhaps President Erdogan isn’t being truthful.

Perhaps this was just a home grown coup. And the aligned interests against Erdogan of Obama, Clinton, Gulen, the Democrats, GOP and mullahs were all just a coincidence.

Perhaps Obama and his goons were not involved. But knowing everything we know now about how the Obama administration operated, would you be surprised if they were?

Put it this way. I’m no fan of President Erdogan. But when it comes to the 2016 coup, I believe him, far more than I believe Obama.

PapaD is the Key

By analyzing Obama’s disastrous bungling of the natural gas pipeline wars in 2016, you can see why George Papadopoulos is so important in the astonishing scandal that’s unfolding in 2019.

Obama was likely illegally spying on Papadopoulos because he was lobbying for the Israeli pipeline project, before PapaD even joined the Trump campaign team. Trashing the young man's constitutional and legal rights as a US citizen, Obama's thugs then used Papadopoulos to illegally spy on the Trump team itself, as well as to frame them as Russian agents using fabricated evidence, being the Clinton/Obama funded Steele Dossier.

Papadopoulos is the nexus between SpyGate and ObamaGate. He also opens doors, because his role prompt questions. If Obama and his thugs were targeting and illegally spying on innocent citizens in the natural gas pipeline wars and 2016 Presidential election, where else did they do the same thing?

How far does ObamaGate go? How many innocent citizens have been affected?

Questions, questions. Important ones, that demand answers.

Remember, if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 Presidential election, none of this disgraceful conduct by Obama and his thugs, would ever have been revealed. Illegal spying on, targeting and destroying innocent American citizens. Using fabricated evidence to do it.

Betraying allies and helping enemies. In this case, to provide aid and comfort to Iran’s mullahs.

As we saw in Ukraine and perhaps Turkey, they were even engineering coups in foreign nations.

It would all have been swept under the carpet.

Of course, all that changed on November 8, 2016.

And we are only just starting to learn the truth, in 2019.

By the end, of this journey, I think we will realize that the scale of damage Obama infected on the United States, was worse than any of us can imagine.

That’s why a fractured nation needs to know what happened to the American government, under Barack Hussein Obama.

It’s important to know the awful truth.

One caveat, however : when this is done, many Americans may wish they didn’t have to know.

About the author
REX is a citizen journalist and analyst of military intelligence, counter-intelligence and military strategy. His current focus is SpyGate, the criminal conspiracy to steal the 2016 US Presidential election, as well as ObamaGate, how Obama's police state illegally targeted and harrassed innocent citizens, including illegal surveillance, for political purposes. Before twitter censored him, REX operated under the handles ImperatorRex3, VachelLindsay and MAGAREX1.


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