Thoughts on Imigration

Original draft of two threads on immigration published on Twitter on 23 and 24 July 2018

by Saul Montes-Bradley

Fri, April 5, 2019

Part 1

On Immigration

Mon Jul 23 2018

OK. Here we go.

I’ve been promising to talk migrants for a while.

Let’s do it, though I must warn than few will like all I have to say on the matter.

First, let's look at immigration as a whole and clarify a few points that get lost in the background cackling of inanities that cloud dialogue on this issue from all sides, and do away with the bumper stickers.

Nonsense like this:

Yes, Dorothy, we are a nation of immigrants.

And so is every nation in the Americas and Europe. Even the Aztecs were once immigrants in Mexico (ask the Olmecs). And just about every other people in every other place.

We all came from someplace else. The point is meaningless.

More importantly, the US is the most welcoming land for immigrants in the world.

Over 1 MILLION immigrants arrive here every year LEGALLY, more than the rest of the world combined! Indeed, the average of legal immigrants to the US topped 1 million every year since 2000.

This will give you a clear picture of where we stand:

While the number of legal entries has increased dramatically since the 1980s, the percentage of immigrants in our population has remained remarkably steady.

Of the 47 million immigrants now residing in the US, more than the entire population of most countries, about 44% have become citizens, 27% are Resident Aliens, 5% are in some form of temporary status (students, company transfers, etc.) and the rest are illegal aliens.

(7) Those illegal aliens are in addition to the 1 million legal arrivals every year.

And, while Mexico continues to be one of the primary countries of origin…it has been surpassed by new arrivals from both China and India.

(8) I have news for my friends: As the Baby Boom generation retires, the need for immigrants continues to increase.

In short, as long as our population grows at a pace below replacement rate, we have a demand for new arrivals. There is no way around that.

There is a direct correlation between fertility rate and demand for immigrants.

As the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) rose to 3.65 children per woman in the 1960s, the immigration rate declined.

As it fell to 1.84 in 1980, it spiked, and as it hit bottom, immigration took off.

Replacement rate is estimated at 2.08, to account for mortality.

Since 2006, we are about 25% short of that replacement rate, and our total immigrant population stands below 15% of the population.

Guess what? In the near future we will have to make a crapload of babies, double the amount of immigrants or see the economy stagnate or collapse. There is no other way out of this.

And we are not alone. This is true for every industrialized nation.

Alas, the absurd immigration system imposed on us as a sort of Social Engineering experiment by Democrats in the 1960s, with the band aid put on it in 1986, is ruefully inadequate.

It leaves a myriad holes to be filled by illegal entries, as long as the demand is there.

An effort was made in the mid-2000s to remedy this.

Imperfect, but much better than the status quo.

Democrats killed it in a shameless effort to politicize the issue.

After several attempts failed, the Bush administration pushed a reasonable compromise.

Between the Democrats and TEA Party panderers in the House, the deal failed.

Obama did nothing, as usual: Lots of fiery diatribe and no action, lest he lose a ram to hit the Republicans.

He chickened out and went on to push for a Carbon Tax instead.

And here we are.

Nothing has been done as the system breaks at the seams.

The amount of immigrants we do not accept legally make their way through porous borders and lax enforcement turning the problem into a National Security issue.

The well has been poisoned in a way that makes any dialogue out of bounds in a toxic political environment, egged on by faux native Americans (vide Lieawatha) and a coterie of anti-law-enforcement cretins.

The strategy of the Democrats shifted 180° form their virulent anti-immigration stance in the '90s to an open borders policy in a misguided attempt to pander to the so-called “latino” vote (it doesn’t quite work that way…but what do they know?)

And actions by a host of players we will soon discuss, has created a crisis that is more of a threat to our national security than Iran and North Korea would ever be.

What to do?

First, we need to underline the Dimms almost criminal conflation of immigration and illegal entry:

It is demeaning to the millions who have entered this country legally and work everyday to increase our common prosperity.

Second, we need to clearly define who is exploiting this issue to advance their anti-American ideology.

Third, we need to clearly expose the threat to our national security in allowing terrorists and drug cartels to effectively control our southern border.

Fourth, we need to expose the real life drama of those who answer the Democrat’s call to “come and be welcome” and the human tragedy their irresponsible rhetoric has created.

The Democrats' callous irresponsibility causes tens of thousands of lives to be lost or ruined.

Finally, we need a serious debate as to how to satisfy the unquestionable need of our country to rationalize our immigration law so that it serves the interests of the nation, and not the petty political calculations of venal politicians.

In the next thread, we are going to explore this through the real life experience of one of those illegal aliens.

The mind-boggling corruption of the Mexican government, the Catholic Church and the terrorists at our border, enabled by the Democratic Party and its policies since the 1960s.

Addendum to Part I

Yet again, just a few days later, someone brings up the issue forcefully.

And that is good.

Part 2

The Migration

Tue Jul 24 2018

In the first part, we discussed immigration as a whole.

Now let’s look under the hood of illegal immigration.

But first, a disclaimer:

This is part of a series of interviews with illegal aliens, the story of this one is real, and probably true for many, but not all.

That said, there are some commonalities that will become obvious as we go.

This is the story of Teo (not his real name, duh!)

This guy:

Teo was born in 1998, and when he was 6 months-old, he was given to his grandmother in the chickenshit hamlet in Guatemala called “Los Planes de Chuchexik.”

Someone like this:

Chuchexik is an ancient Mayan village, today with about 150 inhabitants, nearly all of the K’ich’é Mayan tribe, mentioned in the Mesoamerican Chronicles.

There, Teo grew up in conditions that, as far as South American poverty goes, were not too shabby.

He describes his grandmother in loving terms, and boasts of his being educated in the local school.

The legendary hero of the K’ich’e, Atinibal, was said to have imitated the howling of coyotes. Perhaps it is not too ironic then, that in this town of 150, at least ten are, well, coyotes.

Teo grew up in this small community surrounded by stories of the magnificent North. A mythical land of plenty and opportunity.

At the age of 13, he decided it was his time to go, damn the risks. He was ready to walk to the US in search of wider horizons. His father, a prosperous merchant, prevailed upon him to accept his aid: He could go with his blessings, but only in the charge of a trusted coyote who would deliver him to his uncle in Tampa.

The cost of the trip, U$S 7,000.00 a small fortune in those parts.

Why not just take a plane?

Because there is no way a K’ich’e Indian from a hamlet in the Guatemalan hinterland would ever get a visa, but the Obama administration made no secret that children arriving at the border would be accepted and welcomed. Obama's "Border Disorder." A singularly cruel policy that encouraged the mass migration of children through great peril and untold suffering in order to create an exploitable crisis at our borders. A crisis that goes on unabated as Democrats continue to place every conceivable roadblock to any kind of solution. But let's go on with Teo's story.

On August 3rd, 2012, Teo left his grandmother’s house with a handbag and went to the border town of Tecun Umán, a kind of Kansas City to the Central American Migration. There, travelers from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala gather with their coyotes to start the voyage.

Tecun Uman, named after the last K’ich’e Maya ruler is in northwestern Guatemala across the border from the Mexican town of Ciudad Hidalgo. But they would never see it other than across the river.

A couple of days after arrival at a Catholic hostal in Tecun Umán, the migrants left on foot and traveled two miles up the river to a solitary point where they waded across the Suchiate River into Mexico. On the other side was a patrol of the Mexican border guards waiting for them.

The Federales charged them U$S 200.00 a piece, drove them in their vans to a bus stopin Tapachula and waited for them to board buses to Arriaga.

Door to door service.

Looks like this

Arriaga is another shithole about 150 miles north of Tapachula. There they mounted La Bestia, an infamous train that carries migrants North. Police will not intervene for as long as they stay on top of the cars.


Teo spent three days tied to a railing on top of a car, holding to his bag. His only fear was to fall catching food and water as the train slowed down in towns, where people approached to sell staples. 

Not everyone makes it. Some are robbed, murdered or thrown out.

Others simply fall.

Thus they arrived in Veracruz.

Once in Veracruz, men in kaki pants and orange shirts came through the train giving them water. He though they were from an NGO helping them.

They were not.

In fact, they were these asswipes: The Mexican equivalent of ICE, Grupo Beta, Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM)

Few are selected for deportation. Very few, but one must have something on paper.

For a small payment, some get to stay on the train. With train employees in cahoots with cartels, the trains make unscheduled stops to allow for robbery, rape and pillage.

Those like Teo, who pre-paid, get taken off the train and bused by the migration officers to a “hostal” run by the Catholic Church.

This one:

“Casa del Migrante San Judas Tadeo.”

Note the signs encouraging migration: "To migrate is not a crime."

There they wait for buses, but not before paying for a right of way or "toll" of U$S 100.00

As we shall see, that is not for the entire trip.

Next follows a bus ride to Toluca, west of Mexico City.

A long ride interrupted by police checkpoints, with the same routine:

Get off, be pushed around, pay a bribe, get back on.

In Toluca, they are taken to another Catholic hostal:

Casa del Migrante San Juan Bautista: "Welcome, Migrant Brothers and Sisters." 

This is part of a wide net of Catholic Church stations to facilitate migration to the US. Mostly Franciscans and Scalabrinians but also others, as part of the Pastoral of Migrants.

From Toluca, another bus ride.

This time to Querétaro and, you guessed it, another Catholic hostal.

After a couple of days, a bus was arranged to take them to Reynosa, on the US border.

Eighteen hours, but now the toll stops included Federal Police, Army and local police and, as the migrants were running short of cash, beatings, rape and theft became the norm.

Arriving at the border meant another change.

Control in Reynosa is no longer in the hands of the Mexican “authorities,” such as they are, but of the Zetas, a drug cartel made of Mexican Army officers associated with Hezbollah.

Crossing the Rio Grande

This meant that, in order to cross into McAllen, Texas, they needed a safe passage from the Zetas, who actually provide the transportation.

Those who cannot pay, must perform a service.

In Teo’s group, several acted as mules bringing drugs from Reynosa to Houston.

In other groups, children were sold, women were raped and men became mules.

One form of payment is to lend children to act as cover for drug smugglers.

So much for “family separation.”

On three different occasions they were taken to a spot on the river west of Reynosa. But there were helicopters and Border Patrol.

On the third try, as there was no American border patrol on sight, they were taken across in inflatable boats. Ten people with three “guides.”

On 12 September, 2012, one month and 9 days after leaving Tecun Uman, Teo was in McAllen, Texas.

But he never saw the city.

Then followed a game of shells, moving from one warehouse to another for three days, until on the night of the third they started the trek on foot towards Houston.

They had radios and a formation with one “guide” in the vanguard, one in the rear and one with the group.

It took them 3 ½ days. Teo was then handed to another coyote who kept him for two days before taking him, by bus, to Tampa.

The rest of the story, later, is his journey to Permanent Resident status.

But first, a recap:

  1. The Mexican police, army, immigration service and border controls act as organized crime, selling protection to the migrants and extorting payment-in-kind when money runs out, not unlike the cartels that control the US border
  2. This Mexican Government sponsored mafia is a multi-billion dollar racket that ranks in the top 5 industries in Mexico. There will be no reform. Everybody, from the President down, get a bite out of the business.

  3. The Catholic Church runs a rat-line of way-stations and hostels were migrants are encouraged and indoctrinated with the sole purpose of violating US laws and undermining US sovereignty. These are financed by the Mexican and US government and donations form millions of faithful duped into believing they are contributing to the relief of suffering people.

This is another multi-billion dollar racket.


Adendum to Part 2:

Well, somebody is looking at this.

About the author

Once a Consultant to the Administrator of the UNDP, Saul M. Montes-Bradley II left the UN for Arrow Air and went on to become General Manager for AER Airlines and eventually Director and General Manager of Aeroposta Airlines, the first privately owned major carrier in Argentina since the 1950s. Back in the US, he then spent 17 years in Wall Street and is now a genealogist and researcher living with his family in Virginia.

For nearly thirty years, he has wondered if there would ever be a serious investigation of the disaster at Gander, only to see how the willful blindness that marred the initial investigation continues to guide a misguided policy that has only enabled and strengthened Islamic National Socialist movements in the Middle East and around the world.

Follow him on Quod at @Debradelai.



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