How Trump Will Win Everything

There’s No Defense Against His Strategy

by Thomas Wictor

Sat, February 9, 2019

We’re watching Democratic politicians imploding while others cannibalize each other. There’s a war in the party.

“The Justice Democrats see Ocasio-Cortez as just the opening act in an astonishingly ambitious plan to do nothing less than re-imagine liberal politics in America—and do it by whatever means necessary.

"If that requires knocking out well-known elected officials and replacing them with more radical newcomers, so be it. And if it ends up ripping apart the Democratic Party in the process—well, that might be the idea."

I have no doubt whatsoever that Trump’s Judas goats helped the Justice Democrats every step of the way. By bringing about this war, Trump implements a strategy that guarantees victory.

Dr, Janice Fiamengo is a Canadian professor who makes excellent videos about radical leftism. I highly recommend that you watch this one.

Fiamengo is pessimistic about the future, but I’m not. In the video above, Fiamengo shows us the Trump strategy in action.

Before I explain the strategy in detail, I’ll give you an example of it being used in a military context: The Turkish “coup attempt” of July 15, 2016. That was NOT a genuine coup attempt. It was the deliberate destruction of the Turkish armed forces, a move taken because the Turks were about to normalize relations with Bashar al-Assad. This would have negated all the careful work of the previous five years.

Therefore the Gulf Cooperation Council demolished the Turkish armed forces.

It was very easy. First, F-16 multirole fighters flew low over Ankara.

Although Incirlik Air Base is 45 seconds by air from Ankara, these jets had long-distance fuel tanks. They had Turkish markings, but they were not Turkish.

And they carried no bombs.

The soldiers who took part in the “coup” were told that it was just training.

I stayed up all night, watching it live. Turkish analysts reported AT THE TIME that this thing was a mess that nobody could understand.

The Turkish government figured out what was happening and almost immediately began FAKING EVIDENCE to cover up the fact that the GCC made them commit suicide.

Here’s a putschist helicopter shot down over Ankara by a loyalist F-16.


It’s actually an American Apache that crashed in Seoul, South Korea, in 2004.

This video below is said to show Turkish MIT officers firing at putschist helicopters. Note that the muzzle blasts of the rifles are ANIMATED.

The Turks turned on each other and destroyed the military capabilities of their country by arresting virtually all high-ranking officers in every branch of service. They were all deemed traitors and sent to prison. Once the arrests started, the Turks couldn't stop them. Turkey has been limping along ever since, a shadow of its former self.

How did the GCC pull this off?

All they did was send jets over the city, and they broke into secure communications systems and gave troops fake orders. Then the GCC sat back and watched the Turks devour themselves.

This strategy will work on ANY insular, fanatical, and paranoid culture.

Trump is using it on the Democrats.

It originated in Episode 22, Season 1 of The Twilight Zone: "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street."

In that episode, aliens are taking over the earth. All they do is choose an area and fly over so that the residents of a street see and hear something. Then the aliens turn off the power to every house on the street. When everybody comes outside to talk, the aliens turn on the power of a random house, and then they turn it off. Then the aliens turn on the power of ANOTHER random house. After a few minutes, they turn it off again.

The people on the street begin to think that those with power in their houses are agents of a dangerous outside force.


In very short order, the entire street goes insane, and they all kill each other.

This is how the aliens take over the country, street by street.

Donald Trump’s Judas goats are turning the power on and off on the Democrats’ Maple Street. The result is exactly what happened in Ankara. Democrats are terrified of being seen as traitors–agents of a dangerous outside force. They’re rushing to embrace leftism in its purest form: communism. They’re also denouncing others, and they’re…confessing.

They are volunteering for reeducation programs.

Wearing blackface is actually not the end of the world.

For the sane. But Trump ruthlessly exploits insanity. As he should.

As we saw yesterday with the enormous cow-fart of the Green New Deal, leftists are now in a death spiral of one-upmanship. They’re running from house to house, accusing each other of not being a loyal part of the community. And the Judas goats are pointing out this person and that person, creating new targets that ratchet up the hysteria. Yesterday we heard demands to outlaw the internal-combustion engine and to pay salaries to those who are UNWILLING TO WORK.

We’ve never seen the Democrats so disorganized, so ridiculous, and so vulnerable.

Don’t kid yourself: This was all engineered. When you become as rigid and xenophobic as leftists, you are sitting ducks for Judas goats.

And monsters. The Gulf Cooperation Council destroyed the Turkish armed forces in 45 minutes.

Trump has two years to play with the Democrats.

So sit back and watch the show.

About the author
Thomas Wictor was born in Caripito, Venezuela, and has lived in Texas, the Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, Oregon, Japan, and California. He earned a bachelor's degree in history from Lewis and Clark College and has worked as a stevedore, library archivist, conversational English teacher, editor of the world's first online newspaper, voiceover actor, delivery driver, process server, field representative for a document-retrieval service, and music journalist.


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