I am Not Pathological

That’s Why I’ve Rejected Social Media.

by Thomas Wictor

Mon, January 21, 2019

Here a perfect example of how social media makes people sicker than they already were.

Apologies to Covington Catholic Students Flood Twitter After Video Shows Teens Were Framed: 'I Got Duped by Fake News'

Social media erupted Saturday after selectively edited videos of Covington Catholic students were posted to Twitter accusing them of harassing and mocking an elderly Native American man. The left, along with their mouthpieces in the media immediately called for these teens to be tarred and feathered - no judge, no jury.

The piece is full of tweets by deeply pathological people apologizing for being fooled into joining a lynch mob.

What’s so disgusting is that the video that “fooled” them doesn’t show anything. All we see is a moaning old drum beater and a smiling young man in a MAGA hat. Every single person who reacted to the video is pathological. Even if the drum beater was moaning by himself, and he was suddenly surrounded by smiling young men in MAGA hats, SO WHAT? Nothing happened.

Truth be told, I was really tired of everybody by the time I got banned from social media.

The Israeli psychologist Sam Vaknin was arrested for fraud. When he was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), Vaknin made it his mission to learn how to cure this allegedly incurable affliction. He has one of the highest IQs ever measured, but as a child, his mother subjected him to mind-boggling physical and psychological abuse. Vaknin was also sent to college at the age of nine, which finished the job of ruining him.

This video is well worth the time required to watch it. I’ll summarize Vaknin’s most important point.

Social media was built to create an addiction to it. Addiction is a feature, not a bug. Every single person who created social-media platforms is pathological in that he is not socialized. He is angry and childish, determined to impose his will on everyone as a form of revenge. The technology of social media itself transforms the users into becoming more like the people who created it.

And that’s why the users of social media can’t think. They choose to be “fooled” by non-stories over and over and over. When I was on social media, my attempt to explain things was ultimately futile. Users of social media want hysteria–anger, fear, aggression, and uncertainty. They want to feel that everything is horrible.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.

—William Butler Yeats

“The Second Coming”

The best of us lack all conviction, and the worst of us are full of passionate intensity. Sound familiar?

That poem is from 1919. Exactly one hundred years ago. We use today’s technology to be even less rational than we were in 1919. Yeats was creating art. Social media is reality. It has real-world consequences.

I won’t take part in a global mental breakdown. I’ve finished a book that now I’m going to shop around. Doing the research for it—five years of research—convinced me that all pathology is curable. I no longer believe in an inability to make the right choices. The problem with my new mindset is that it makes me think of most people as apes peeling bananas and scratching their butts. That’s not fair, I know, but it’s how I feel.

Sam Vaknin says that the technology of social media was designed for a highly specific psychological profile, but it’s being used by people with different psychological profiles. That’s causing more and more people to become like Mark Zuckerberg.

I’m just tired of abnormality. I watched a police detective interrogate a cop who was later convicted of sexual assault on eight women. The case is very controversial because all the victims are black, the cop is white, and there are accusations of overzealous prosecution and wrongful conviction. The cop’s supporters say that “civil rights” activists ginned up the case to get huge payouts from the city and bolster the narrative of racism and white privilege.

I didn’t see the detective’s face during the interview, but she came across as a deeply unbalanced weirdo, caught up in a personal psychodrama. When Michelle Malkin asked the detective if there was any physical or DNA evidence to support the accusations or sexual assault, this is the face the detective made before saying “No.”

My gut told me that this woman is off her rocker, and then she proved it. I hadn’t even seen what she looked like. Her words alone betrayed her as a lunatic.

I have no sympathy for people being swept along by the tide of insanity that social media exacerbates.

People are CHOOSING to be swept along. Therefore they deserve whatever happens to them.

About the author
Thomas Wictor was born in Caripito, Venezuela, and has lived in Texas, the Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, Oregon, Japan, and California. He earned a bachelor's degree in history from Lewis and Clark College and has worked as a stevedore, library archivist, conversational English teacher, editor of the world's first online newspaper, voiceover actor, delivery driver, process server, field representative for a document-retrieval service, and music journalist.


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