Pasquale Scopelliti's Letter to Judge Sullivan regarding General Flynn

Original letter sent by Pasquale Scopelliti to Judge Emmet G. Sullivan regarding the character of General Michael T. Flynn.

by Pasquale 'Pat' Scopellitti

Tue, January 1, 2019

27 November 2018 

The Honorable Judge Emmet G. Sullivan
U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia
333 Constitution Avenue, N.W. 

Washington D.C. 20001

Re: Michael T. Flynn

Dear Judge Sullivan:

About two and half two years ago, in August of 2016, I composed and emailed an analysis. Something I often do is to place my phone number on the bottom of my analyses, as I always want people to know I stand behind them and am always ready to be either corrected if wrong, or to strengthen my case in person if need be.

The one thing I could never have imagined is that I’d get a phone call from General Mike Flynn. After he introduced himself, he immediately began discussing the analysis and its importance.

As an outsider with no affiliations or connections, getting such a call is a life changing experience. Of the individuals I’ve since come into contact with, who know General Flynn, they all seem to have similar stories. Outside of patriotism, the one virtue everyone recognizes in General Flynn is humility. His warmth of spirt and open heart, his readiness to meet and engage with every other patriot serving America is nothing short of amazing.

In the months from August through November of 2016, I sent in scores and scores of analyses, every one of which General Flynn read and acted on when appropriate. He was never too busy to take or return a call. When an analysis triggered particular interest his questions were penetrating and inspiring.

As a part of learning to provide the highest value analyses possible, I studied General Flynn’s life work and writings shortly after we met. General Flynn is the best warfighting intelligence man America has produced since World War II. His innovations in warfighting intelligence instituted in Iraq and Afghanistan have transformed the way America faces its enemies, forever. And that doesn’t merely apply to the way real time combat tactics are executed, it also applies to the strategic definition of victory in service of peace. Victory is never established by the fight. It is established in the minds and hearts of the people of the territory. When they decide who is going to win, and give their loyalty, cooperation and intelligence to that side, victory looms near. This is General Flynn’s discovery and method.

As 2017 got started and with its many challenges, General Flynn and I grew closer. I know nothing of his direct world, itself, and remain a complete outsider to this day. But, I absolutely came to know the man, himself. And, I would trust him with my life and fortune were the need ever to arise. The more I’ve found other supporters of General Flynn, the more I’ve seen how every person I encounter agrees that he is – and without doubt or even a close second – the most honorable man in America.

I should mention that I’m very active in social media, and have consequently encountered many, many scores, no hundreds and hundreds of the millions out there who actively support General Flynn. They all tell me the same thing. He is their hero. He stands for everything that is right about America. They are devastated over his suffering and long for the moment when his honor and reputation are fully restored. More, he is precisely the sort of leader America longs for and so desperately needs. I know I speak rightly in saying that the millions of supporters General Flynn has so rightly won look forward with baited breath, in hopes of hearing that his tribulations have ended and that he may speak to them and for them once again.

In conclusion, I must confess that I have NO comprehension of the case against General Flynn, or the basis of any punishment he faces. All I can say is that there is a beating heart in America that hopes and prays each night, that General Flynn will be simply released back onto the path of his honorable service. I can state, emphatically, that that wish is in the hearts of uncounted millions. To the degree that justice considers such hopes, such support, there can be no doubt that General Flynn should be granted every consideration possible.

I consider myself to be fantastically fortunate to know General Flynn, and more, to consider myself to be his friend. It is simply impossible for me to imagine a better man or one more deserving of clemency.


Pasquale Scopelliti
Keswick, VA

About the author

Starting out in young adulthood as an avowed socialist and almost a communist, Pasquale's political transformation occurred in slow motion over decades. Family and work life pulled him into a focus on business performance and his coaching practice, commenced at age 27, demanded more than everything he had. It wasn't until the Clinton impeachment proceedings that his liberal leanings began to fray. Living with his entire, large family in Mexico for five years taught him more about the meaning of America than anything previous had.

Discovering libertarianism and Frederic Bastiat's work, an idealistic love affair began which will never end. But, Donald Trump's 2016 campaign called out, and realism set in. Never having been involved in activism before, Pasquale's analytical capabilities rapidly set his work apart, and his analyses found their way to General Mike Flynn, and through him, to the Trump campaign. Working together with his wife Kate, and with a foreword by General Flynn, their first book: America First: The MAGA Manifesto was published in 2018.


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