Down Goes The Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard closed it's doors today after 23 years of operation. And it's hard for me to muster up any tears over that

by Brian Cates

Sat, December 15, 2018

The Weekly Standard closed it's doors today after 23 years of operation. And it's hard for me to muster up any tears over that. That magazine's ownership and editors long ago abandoned Conservative to pimp for GOP moderatism – or what I like to refer to as McCainism, in honor of the late 'great' Senator John McCain, who never saw a Conservative he couldn't call a 'wacko bird' and play all buddy-buddy with until the last second before slipping the knife in.

While I can sympathize with the rank and file staff at The Weekly Standard – nobody likes to see people lose their jobs during the Holiday Season – it's much harder for me to summon up any for the magazine's owners and editors.

As time went by over the past 2 years, the manifest problems of the editorial direction of the publication became stark. Some point shortly after Donald Trump won the Presidential election, Bill Kristol & the other editors took the media outlet on a deep, never-to-return journey into full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome [TDS].

Although there's a rule that Conservatives shouldn't attack each other, we're all supposedly on the same side, I'm one of the few who've noticed for 20 years how people like McCain & other GOP RINO's use this refrain to silence their critics after another especially egregious episode where they've been found arm in arm with Democrats with bloody knife in hand, standing over another Conservative cause that just got defeated or Conservative person that just got fired.

Because SOME good people still worked there, I held my fire when Kristol tossed journalists like Lee Smith and Larry O'Connor over the side of the boat, as the TWS began drifting ever more to the Left. By the end it was calling people who even mentioned George Soros' long established funding of Progressive causes and nonprofits 'anti-semites'.

Lee Smith was fired by Bill Kristol because he wrote a story he wanted to publish at TWS exposing how several media outlets had abandoned objectivity & neutrality to begin publishing pre-packaged propaganda articles on behalf of very well paying clients. At the time Lee wasn't aware Kristol had actually hired one of these propaganda outfits shopping these prepackaged stories – Fusion GPS – to dig up dirt on both Trump and Ted Cruz during the 2016 primary season. What a way to find out your own boss sold your magazine's objectivity to a paying client.

Larry O'Connor was fired for not enthusiastically hopping on board the TDS train and going along with the magazine's ever increasingly anti-Trump 24/7 atmosphere.

That's not even the worst of it. A few months back there was a coordinated effort to attack journalist/author Salena Zito for daring to write a book 'The Great Revolt' which – get this! - wasn't explicitly anti-Trump! In attempting to explain and document how the blue collar American middle class moved to respond to Trump's message during the 2016 election, Zito ran afoul of the dignified sensibilities of The Weekly Standard's editorial staff.

What made this episode especially foul was that the attacks started anonymously on social media, and when Zito responded, the DNC Media came after here, as Larry O'Connor details here at The Washington Times.

Perhaps it was THIS column at the Washington Times that caused Zito to run afoul of Kristol's delicate sensibilities when he called Minnesota 'the middle of nowhere'. I spent 4 of the most wonderful years of my life at a small Bible College in Bloomington MN and I can attest along with Zito it is most definitely 'somewhere'.

People invested in selling the idea that Trump has "hijacked" Conservativism and they are trying to 'save' it from him found Ms. Zito's book offensive and alarming, but rather than learning anything from it, they decided to attack her and try to 'deplatform' her by demanding she be 'exposed' and fired.

The forces at play in that sordid episode are just a microcosm of what's gone on here on the Right ever since Trump launched his improbable campaign for President. As Trump's presidency has gone on and developed a track record over the past two years, those who insist on 24/7 resistance to All Things Trump look increasingly incoherent.

Trump has, in fact, gotten a lot of things right and put good people in charge of many of the agencies in the federal government. It only took me around five months of watching him actually functioning in the job to realize over 80% of my fears about a Trump administration were groundless. I said on the day he won the election over The Witch, that he was my President now and I would support and encourage him when I could and I'd also criticize him I had to, and I have stuck to that.

But there are those who never came back from their Never Trump journey, and now they wander in the wilderness, plaintively crying for the rest of us to come join them. Somewhere, far in the distance over the plains, Bill Kristol could be faintly heard calling faithful Conservatives to rally to him.

And now the rest is silence.

About the author
Brian Cates is a writer based in South Texas and author of Nobody Asked For My Opinion But Here It Is Anyway! He can be reached on Twitter at @drawandstrike


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