Clintons in the Crosshairs : Message Delivered, Shots Fired

Don’t be distracted by doom-mongers and conspiracy theories. Today’s Congressional hearing into The Clinton Foundation was extremely important, but perhaps not in the way many expected. As Rex explains, once you understand how Trump uses Congress as a strategic weapon, the purpose of today’s kabuki show reveals itself. And it’s not good news for the enemies of The Republic.

by Rex

Fri, December 14, 2018

Perhaps the most interesting part of today’s explosive Congressional hearing into the Clinton Foundation, was the last few minutes.

Mark Meadows (R) had a major tantrum about the investigators not turning over the 6,000 documents they have incriminating the Clintons, to Congress.


“I don’t find how [refusing to turn over information] provides a good foundation for truth and transparency.”

The reply by one of the investigators, John Moynihan, was priceless:

“Let me be very clear. You invited us. If you don’t want us, disinvite us…we presented [the evidence] to government agencies, which you’re not."

Bravo! Every sane American would have applauded.

These investigators are like white collar crime bounty hunters, who investigate and expose crime and then get an agreed cut of the crime’s $value.

There’s no way they’re going to put years of intensive and dangerous work at risk.

But a more fundamental question is this - why on earth would they hand over red-hot evidence, currently the subject of FBI / DOJ investigation, into the hands of some of the most untrustworthy group of people in America (Congress), that has no prosecutorial power?

Especially when one of the chambers is about to be fouled by an insane Democrat majority.

Answer: they wouldn’t.

Meadows ‘tantrum’ seemed a bit too obvious and staged for me. But let’s assume he was being genuine. This appeal to ‘truth and transparency’ was yet more confirmation that the current US Congress, is detached from reality.

We heard a snooty put-down of honorable and honest citizens, from a member of the same Congress that is hiding evidence of its own sickening corruption and malfeasance, from the American public.

The Awan scandal and sexual harassment hush-hush fund, being two glaring examples of many.

"Transparency and truth"? Give me a break, Representative Meadows.

We aren’t idiots.

It would be insane to trust Congress, with anything. With just a few exceptions, Congress is not a serious group of people, right now. Which is why it has limited uses - more of that in a second.

Ignore the Doom-Mongers : Plenty is Happening

There are all sorts of bizarre theories out there about today’s hearing.

People are now saying that because Huber did not appear and has not interacted much with these investigators, it is ‘obvious’ that DOJ Attorney John Huber and OIG Horowitz are now Deep State agents, engaged in a massive ‘slow walk, do nothing’ cover-up, right under POTUS Trump’s nose.

These same doom-mongers are also suggesting that OIG Horowitz is involved in a cover-up with Robert Mueller to destroy and cover up the incriminating Page/Strzok texts, apparently scrubbed from their phones.

Plenty is happening. But this need to infantilize Trump and wail at the moon whenever things don’t turn out exactly the way people want them to be, is misguided.

It’s also a total misunderstanding of Trump’s personality and a flat out misreading of events. Read on.

Logical Thinking, Please

Think logically. There are two obvious reasons why Huber would not interact with these investigators, or appear at this hearing.

First, Huber is not responsible for the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. This is being run by the FBI, in conjunction with the IRS, with a Grand Jury out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Nothing to do with Huber. This has been known for a long time.

Second, we know that Huber is working with IG Horowitz on multiple other investigations, some that may touch on Clinton’s tenure at the Department of State, but not the Clinton Foundation. It would therefore be imprudent of him to appear at a hearing into the Foundation, if it would in any way jeapordize the other probes.

Third, perhaps the official explanation is correct: Huber did have an illness or death in the family. These things do happen.

Apply logic to the ‘Page/Strzok’ missing text ‘cover up’ conspiracy, as well. I have no doubt that Strzok tried to destroy his texts with Page, but there is no evidence Page tried to destroy hers. Another thing : even if they did, it doesn’t matter, anyway. Why?

Because the NSA has them.

Back in 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA collects every communication made by every American citizen, 24/7. Do you know how powerful (and frightening) the NSA tech is? It can hoover up the data equivalent of the entire Congressional Library every 14.4 seconds. Sorry, let me correct that - it could do that in 2006.

What capability does NSA have now? The mind boggles. So unless the doom-mongers are going to stretch their conspiracy theories, to suggest that NSA ‘insiders’ have scrubbed the Page/Strzok texts collected by NSA, you can rest easy : all of the texts have been saved by the NSA (as have all of Clinton’s emails, by the way).

Bonus question: what is the link between Attorney Huber and the NSA? Can anyone guess? Hint: ICCNCIDC. Look it up.

Congress as Information Channel

Congress fall from grace under the Obama administration was spectacular. It was bad before Obama, but the fall escalated between 2008-2016. The worst POTUS in history reduced the institution to a cesspit of corruption, criminality and unconstitutional abuse of power.

Right now, we are in a process of fundamental transition. POTUS Trump has done some effective work since his inauguration, removing many ineffective, corrupt or compromized members. However, a complete rehabilitation of both chambers, will consume much of POTUS two terms.

However, many bad eggs remain. Despite the huffing and puffing of Mark Meadows about the nobility of the Congress, it remains a broken institution, that lacks legitimacy.

Many seem to think that not providing this Congress with classified or sensitive information is a bad thing. Not me. In my opinion, the less they have, the better.

Which is why right now, Congress is largely ignored by the FBI, DOJ and other government departments - especially when it comes to providing them with access to sensitive information.

And which is why Trump, ever the strategist, has used Congress as a theater for kabuki and distraction, when it comes to defeating the enemies of the Republic.

And why he has also used Congress, as an information channel. Which was what today was all about.

Message Delivered : Shots Fired

Today’s hearing was a message from Team Trump, to two audiences.

Audience #1 - the Clintons and their cronies. What do the Clintons know for sure tonight?

That there has been a very professional and detailed investigation of the money laundering machine, aka The Clinton Foundation, for some time. That the scale of tax evasion, FARA violations, "pay for play" and money laundering crimes is astonishing.

And that these investigators aren’t trusting anyone with their evidence, apart from the FBI investigation team in Little Rock, Arkansas, which has a Grand Jury in place.

Audience # 2 - you and me. What do we know for sure tonight?

See the answer to the Clintons.

A Last Word

Look, it is frustrating not knowing things.

We want confirmation of our theories, as well as justice for our anger.

We get frustrated and angry when we don’t have these needs met. And tired, at the time we are being forced to wait.

The reality? We all need to get used to the fact, that there is always going to be a gap between what we think we know - and what is actually happening.

And rather than mongering in doom, try using logic. Why? Being logical provides gives us better answers than doom-mongering, about what we don't know.

We would all love to know what is happening, when events will occur and how Trump and his people are defeating America’s enemies. But that would give the same enemies valuable information.

So in these moments of frustration, be logical. Events are moving in the right direction. Enjoy the show.

About the author
REX is a citizen journalist and analyst of military intelligence, counter-intelligence and military strategy. His current focus is SpyGate, the criminal conspiracy to steal the 2016 US Presidential election, as well as ObamaGate, how Obama's police state illegally targeted and harrassed innocent citizens, including illegal surveillance, for political purposes. Before twitter censored him, REX operated under the handles ImperatorRex3, VachelLindsay and MAGAREX1.


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