The Democrats Agenda:

Defending ObamaCare & Pushing Gun Control

by Brian Cates

Sun, November 25, 2018

Now that the Democrats managed to flip over 30 House seats in the 2018 midterm election, they are already tipping their hand as to what their agenda will be for the next two years.

Representative Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] literally couldn't help herself and immediately began boasting that the newly Democrat-controlled House would launch numerous investigations into the Trump presidency while also championing ObamaCare and pushing for more gun control. She made it clear the Democrat agenda is a return to the Obama years, during which her party saw a marked decline.

There has already been dissension in the ranks, as rank and file Democratic House members grumble over the assumption that Nancy Pelosi should just have the Speaker's gavel handed to her again.

Pelosi, Schumer and other top Democratic leaders have made it crystal clear they intend to follow the same course they did in the Obama years, at a time when the Republicans were racking up historic gains while Democratic power and influence declined across the nation.

In 2009 following Obama's first election victory over the outmatched John McCain, Democrats and DNC Media waxed rhapsodic over what they saw as a 'permanent Democratic majority'. They saw Obama's win as the final stepping stone to the mountain top, where Democratic electoral fortunes were forevermore assured.

No electoral setback since has disabused the Democratic party leadership of the notion a permanent Democratic majority is out there, they just need to find the 'right messaging'. Their faith wasn't shaken after the 2010 midterms, or the 2014 and 2016 elections. They full intend to stick to their ever-leftward-shifting Progressive agenda in full confidence that soon over 50% will 'catch up' to them and after that Republicans will never win another national election.

This is why Pelosi and other House Reps such as Eric Swalwell don't feel any need to hide their agenda on shoring up ObamaCare and agitating for new gun control laws. They have fully accepted and believe in the argument that Obama often made, that history bends to the Left. All they need do is stake out their territory and wait for the country to move to them. 

Not surprisingly, this elitist attitude that they shall lead and eventually enough of the bitter clingers out there shall follow, blinds them to the danger they face in 2020 and beyond.

Democrats won these past midterms because they had donors who gave them vast amounts of money which they used to localize enough of the statewide races. Their victory happened because they managed to successfully fight off Trump's attempt to nationalize the midterm elections. Democrats in local races managed to win by promising greater government benefits and perks to the voters.

There is no large national call to reverse the Trump tax cuts, raise taxes, write more gun control laws or bring back the individual mandate. But you wouldn't know this from listening to Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer the past two weeks. If you listen to them, you'd think the country is pining for a quick reverse back to the good ol' Obama days of yore.

Well not hardly. American voters have seen a stark contrast in the past 2 years between how Obama managed the nation and how Trump is doing it. On the national level, Trump and the GOP are winning. Democrats only have the advantage at the local level.

And if Democrats don't change course over the next two years, they'll have squandered an opportunity to engage in true bipartisanship with the President and the GOP.

Trump is going to get 2 more years to show what he can do with the US economy, the judicial branch and US foreign policy. Pelosi getting attention every other week by trying to guilt-trip the voters into giving back those crumbs doesn't sound like a winning strategy.

About the author
Brian Cates is a writer based in South Texas and author of Nobody Asked For My Opinion But Here It Is Anyway! He can be reached on Twitter at @drawandstrike


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