The Real Science Deniers Are In The Government of California

How to reduce wildfires and save lives

by Hurricane Watcher

Thu, November 15, 2018

The stories coming out of California right now are horrifying, literally. Just as they were during the last series of fires three months ago. Of course my empathy cup for those affected runneth over; it always does. But I have no empathy for the decision makers who allowed this tragedy to happen yet again.

I watch hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes. We can predict when hurricanes and wildfires will strike; not so with earthquakes. I know - in 2011 I was thrown to the floor in one. 185 people in my city died. So forgive me if I get testy when people don't check their daily weather forecast for wildfire risk, or plan to evacuate in time.

It's very simple to understand why California's wildfires have worsened in the last ten years or so. Natural and plantation forests have been badly mismanaged - something we can change. Naturally occurring climate change is also a factor - something we can't change.

Democrats want you to ignore the factors we CAN change, such as the mismanagement of forests, and to focus on the factor we CAN'T change: The sun driving the cycle of warming & cooling that's gone on since the planet formed.

First there was acid rain, then the greenhouse effect, followed by global warming and "peak oil." (We now know there is plenty of accessible oil and gas in the earth.) Each time a narrative and its label stopped working, a new term was coined. Since belief in human made climate change is faith based, I prefer the term "weird weather religion."

The reason Democrats focus on (naturally occurring) climate change is to fool you into backing policies that hamper America's economy. This helps China, which has been funding the Democrats for, I don't know how long. I know Bill Clinton made some dirty deals with Chinese magnates in the 1990s. Around the same time Dianne Feinstein's "chaffeur" started working for her.

The belief that climate change is affected by fossil fuel use also helps Democrats win elections, and the general growth of global socialism. Global socialism (or, globalism) helps Iran, the Palestinians, China, Russia, Germany, France, and in particular, left wing political parties everywhere. Globalism is allied with socialism/communism AND radical Islamic extremism. Also known as Islamic National Socialism.

That's the big picture. The small picture is that right now, thousands of firefighters and others are trying to battle the biggest wildfires in California's history. Many have already died. Wildfires like this always kill people, including firefighters.

I want to save lives.

If landowners had been able to manage forests according to science & rational evidence-based approaches generally, the current wildfires would have been greatly reduced in size and impact. I admit that the federal government as a major landowner can do better, too. At least we know that is being worked on now.

Wildfires can start without humans, for example by lightning strikes or sunlight refraction. Arson starts some of the fires, and we can never prevent every instance of arson. The biggest issue driving the strength of wildfires is the amount of available tree and brush fuel once the weather gets dry, hot & windy each year. Fuel can be removed and reduced. It's economically viable to do so.

Aside from the loss of life, the economic impact of supersized wildfires affects the whole state and indeed the whole country. Insurance premiums skyrocket. Cost, rebuild delays & uncertainty crush the economy. Losses are compounded when floods hit fire-damaged land. So it is extremely cost effective for landowners and taxpayers to fund the reduction of fuel available for wildfires. Studies have indicated the high rate of return on investment.

I can never convince Democrats to change their policy on fuel reduction, though. In my opinion, the Democrats are too far gone when it comes to accepting that climate change is naturally occurring, and that forests must be better managed to reduce fuel for wildfires. They must be voted out of office so that science can guide forest management again.

When I hear of deaths caused by earthquakes I am extremely saddened. I spend time analyzing what can be changed to save lives in the future. When I hear of deaths caused by Californian wildfires I am just as saddened. But I can no longer watch and read about the effects in detail. It is too enraging. I've written many times about how to mitigate the loss of life & property from California's wildfires. Nothing will change until Democrats have been removed from power in California. It is also imperative that they do not gain control of the federal government unless they return to the relative sanity of the past.

More people will die preventable deaths. Accepting that is hard to do - it makes me angry. That's why I was extremely pleased to see President Trump tweet about the issue several times in August, and now in November 2018. There were supportive statements from Secretary Zinke, Rep Devin Nunes, and others who have been saying the same as me, for many years now.

In August, Democrats responded in two ways. They accused Republicans of raising the issue in order to facilitate favorable business outcomes for affected corporations. They also claimed that climate change is affected by fossil fuel use. So far in November, I've seen Democrat responses that accuse the President of poor timing, and callousness. Orange man bad.

All such claims are unsupportable by evidence and logic, but that's nothing new is it? You don't even need to address the Democrat talking points, it's possible to simply explain the what, why and how of forest and water mismanagement, which shows any rational person what is really going on.

Rational people are willing to listen. Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers are not.

So, thank you President Trump for giving a presidential signal boost to science & what we already know about wildfire mitigation. Those willing to be objective will learn from it


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