The Dream That Just Won't Die

Hillary Clinton will never be President. But so many people in the political world are so tied to her fortunes they can't quite let go just yet.

by Brian Cates

Mon, November 12, 2018

The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by a former top aide to Hillary Clinton in which he claimed she plans to run for President again in 2020 and she will easily beat Donald Trump in a rematch.

The opinion piece, written by former Clinton adviser Mark Penn, goes on to say that Mrs. Clinton will successfully rebrand herself as a “strong, partisan, left-leaning and all-Democrat” challenger to the status quo. Which means after careful review over the past two years, it's been decided by Hillary's team that she lost because she was LEFT-LEANING or PARTISAN enough the last time. She was apparently too centrist and moderate for the base last time, so a big shift even further left should push her over the top.

When I mentioned this Wall Street op-ed on my Twitter page, I noted the very relevant fact that since the 2016 Democratic primaries were held, the rules about super delegates were deliberately changed to prevent the rigging of the contest that handed the nomination to Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Those rules were changed because of how absolutely INCENSED most of the Democratic base – especially the younger segment of it – became upon reading the leaked DNC emails & realizing the process had been rigged.

My pointing this out led to a torrent of responses that can be summed up this way: “No problem, they'll simply change it back to the way it was and rig it for her again.”

Once again, Thomas Wictor is proven right. People don't understand how anything works.

This is the big honking problem with social media. EVERYBODY becomes an instant expert on everything. Nobody knows how anything actually works so you have people constantly 'explaining' stuff to you who have no idea what they are talking about.

Stop for a moment and ponder the magnitude of the absolute sh*tstorm that would descend upon the DNC from it's own BASE if they dared to blatantly undo all the rules changes that were demanded by their own voters so they could subvert other candidates and just hand it to Hillary again.

WSJ's source for this story about Clinton planning to run again in 2020 is A FORMER TOP CLINTON AIDE. This isn't a disinterested party, folks.

The main author of this op-ed is somebody who's political world access/importance/cachet has PLUMMETED in the past 2 years and who's only relevance comes from association with The Witch.

The only way Penn becomes relevant again, the only way his profile is raised back to where it was before Clinton lost to Trump in a stunning upset, is if she comes back and runs again. Otherwise, he has to find some new reason to get the WSJ and other media outlets to pay attention to him and give him a platform.

So Penn is desperate to sell the idea that not only can Hillary Clinton come back and win the Democratic nomination, but that she's figured out why she lost in 2016 and she's got a fantastic game plan for defeating Trump this time around.

Yeah. OK. Sure. I hope they try this. The internecine warfare that would erupt between the Clinton loyalists and the rest of the Democratic Party if she insisted on the same special treatment she got last time – and you know she would – would work in Trump's favor.

Hillary Clinton will never be President. But so many people in the political world are so tied to her fortunes they can't quite let go just yet. Penn is deluding himself if he and his coauthor really believe what they wrote in this op-ed.

About the author
Brian Cates is a writer based in South Texas and author of Nobody Asked For My Opinion But Here It Is Anyway! He can be reached on Twitter at @drawandstrike


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